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HfPT - Health from Portugal

The HfPT agenda aims to position Portugal as a world reference hub in the design, development and production of advanced solutions aimed at the health markets, based on innovation and technology. The HfPT will focus on 4 betting areas: i. development of smart health solutions aimed at the digital medtech segment; ii. creation of a national intelligent repository of health data of international reference; iii. training for the growth and sophistication of the clinical studies segment in the country; It is iv. creation of solutions that enhance the potential of the ecosystem for collecting and benchmarking clinical data and costs associated with the provision of healthcare

Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência

R&D Individual project - COVID-19

PromptCovid intends to provide a patient monitoring service, infected with COVID-19, to be recovered at home. It is a tool for the collection and analysis of clinical data, from the infected patient, for its continuous and efficient monitoring, which offers operational gains for health entities.

Internationalization - SI R&D - Companies

Support the internationalization of PROMPTLY's R&D, through participation, with entities from the R&I System and other companies, in European research and innovation programs, in particular the H2020 Program.

Individual projects - Internationalization

Empower PROMPTLY with immaterial competitiveness factors, specific certifications, hiring qualified resources and digital marketing, to enter international markets, thereby increasing the high-tech export base, creating wealth and employment.