How do you feel?

We want to know how your treatment went.

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Bradesco Saúde

Bradesco Saúde, committed to your well-being, wants to know how your recovery was, or is being, after your recent treatment in our network.

That's why, in partnership with Promptly Health, we will contact you to tell us about your procedure, your doubts and expectations, and how you are feeling.

Your information will be used to improve treatment and service for our beneficiaries.


About Us

Promptly is building the first patient-centered global evidence network, offering real world data sharing and monetization capabilities.

Together with a selected network of Partners, we generate new knowledge from harmonized datasets, augmented with the collection of longitudinal patient-reported data and patient-generated digital biomarkers.

about us

About the program

In partnership with healthcare organizations, these health outcomes are made available to promote better healthcare at lower costs for thousands of patients through the use of Real World Evidence.

You´re Helping others


You share how you feel after each treatment.


We look at this data, share the results with you and compare it with millions of other patients.


We then go and share with the medical community what we learned from you.


So they can treat you and all patients like you better every day.

Patient Outcomes Collection Process

You will be contacted via text message, email or voice.

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Bradesco Saúde

All the information you share will be treated confidentially by Promptly Health and your identity will be preserved, in accordance with the LGPD rules.