Data Harmonization

Harmonize discordant real world data (RWD) sets, such as patient-generated health data, clinical data, socio-economic data, and payers’ claims data to a scientifically valid open-source common data model (OMOP-CDM).

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Who we help


Life Sciences

Expand your access to multicentric real-world datasets, while streamlining feasibility analysis through OMOP's standardized clinical concepts.


Healthcare Providers

Share a common data dictionary with +800 organizations across the world, enabling streamlined data analysis and cross-border collaborations.


Healthcare Payers

Harmonize datasets to OMOP empowers precise risk assessment, improving coverage accuracy and pricing decisions.

Promptly Harmonize

Our harmonization solution accelerates the adoption of the internationally recognized OMOP data model, shared by +800 organizations in the world.

This powerful solution provides you with the flexibility to run it on your own infrastructure or host it with us, depending on your organization's needs.

Key features

and equivalence gathering for harmonizing data.

Benefits of Implementing OMOP


Join global research communities

A movement is starting around the world, with research communities adopting OMOP as the gold standard for observational databases


Become a prime site for research

Becoming a prime site for clinical research with a standardized ready-to-use database


Enable multicentric collaborations

Ability to compare a wide range of metrics with other healthcare providers across the world


Prepared for the data economy

Data infrastructure prepared for the next-generation of funded projects (DARWIN EU)

What a successful implementation looks like

A new way to look at your source data

Unleash the value of your data, without compromising on security

We embed world-class privacy-enhancing technology in all data harmonization processes.


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Data Standards

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Data Compliance & Security

We comply with gold standards for security controls and practices, designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of healthcare data.

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