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Data User

Connect patient data at scale to answer all your questions

Access a network of federated health data sources, that will support you in generating relevant evidence to boost your strategy.


We combine privacy-enhancing technologies, with a global network of real-world health data sources to accelerate your evidence strategy

Making sensitive data accessible, without pooling it from the sites

data user

Opening new opportunities for your organization

by overseeing both the study protocol and analysis.


What will you be able to achieve

Access to real-world patient metadata from a wide range of sources, including EHRs and EMRs, medical claims, laboratory data, specialty pharmacies, and registries

Locate cohorts of anonymized patients across multiple organizations within our network to find out the most suitable institutions for your study

Leverage our portfolio of data products to expand databases with fit-for-purpose patient-generated data (patient-reported outcomes, experience, symptoms, etc.)

Onboard strategic sites and make data sources accessible at speed, with Promptly's OMOP harmonization layer

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Use Cases

Our clients trust this approach to

  • Value-based contracting

    Design and track the performance of value-based agreements, by accessing real-time federated analysis on the partnering sites

  • Quality Improvement Initiatives

    Analyze clinical outcomes, benchmark against best practices, and apply evidence-based strategies for enhanced quality of care.

  • Medical Research and Drug Development

    Expedite clinical trials, foster translational research, and accelerate the discovery of new therapies using anonymized multi-party patient datasets.

  • Population Health Management

    Aggregate and analyze data to identify trends, risk factors, and disease patterns, enabling proactive interventions and targeted health initiatives.

  • Improved Patient Care and Personalized Medicine

    Comprehensive patient data from various sources to achieve health insights leading to better diagnoses, personalized treatments and improved outcomes.

  • Optimize Artificial Intelligence models

    Build Machine Learning-powered products using real-world healthcare data that spans organizational or geographical boundaries.

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