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Evidence Network

Connecting Healthcare Champions to Real World Evidence Opportunities around the World

Real World Evidence Network
Promptly Health

How can we help you

Partner within a secure, federated network of healthcare organizations, to address one of the biggest problems in healthcare: the lack of structured and reliable real world evidence (RWE).



patient records


countries with Data partners


patient-generated data points

Building the data fabric to make healthcare data collaborations a reality

We are providing the answer to the Data Liquidity question


Life Sciences

Access large-scale multi-site databases, to generate real world evidence on the effectiveness and safety of your assets.


Healthcare Providers

Access sponsored research opportunities, benchmark outcomes and accelerate the path to insights.


Healthcare Payers

Expand access to longitudinal real world data, enhancing the ability to assess risk, identify care gaps, and make informed decisions about coverage and reimbursement.

Our network fundamentals


Moving insights, not data

The beauty of a federated infrastructure lies in its ability to guarantee data never leaves our partners' servers, allowing only privacy-preserving computations to be executed.


Common Data Model

Leveraging OMOP as the common data model of choice enhances interoperability and simplifies the integration and analysis of multi-party datasets, cutting down the time to insights.


Multicentric collaborations

Healthcare organizations can engage in multicentric collaborations, establish partnerships, share expertise, and data in a secure and compliant way.

Why us

Partners of choice for Real World Evidence Network



Long-term partners of strategic healthcare data collection and harmonization initiatives led by the European Medicines Agency and Innovative Medicines Initiative.


Global Presence

Real-world evidence programs running in 8 countries in Europe, Asia and South America, in partnership with leading healthcare centers.


OMOP-CDM Certified

Seasoned multidisciplinary team certified by the European Health Data and Evidence initiative to harmonized healthcare data according to the OMOP model.



Our healthcare data integration stack optimizes data collection from available healthcare information systems, streamlining the implementation process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to become a Data Partner?

Becoming a Data Partner allows you to join a global network of hospitals, research institutions, and data providers and take part of sponsored health data use cases (Clinical Research, AI development, etc).

Do we need to invest to join as a Data Partner?

Partners can join Promptly's RWE Network without any upfront investment. Once onboarded, Data Partners can access to funding by participating in studies and feasibility queries.

Who controls the patient data?

The Data Partner is always the data controller, in compliance with GDPR terms.

Where will this infrastructure live and who controls it?

The infrastructure can be implemented on premises, in the cloud, or through a hybrid model, tailored to meet each organization's specific local requirements.

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