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Privacy Policy


1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Use2. Using the Platform through the "Patient" Profile3. Use of the Platform through the "Medical" Profile4. Use of the Platform through the "Patient Manager"5. Accuracy and integrity of information6. Platform access7. Intellectual Property Rights8. Responsibility9. Change of Terms and Conditions of Use10. Validity of Terms and Conditions of Use11. Jurisdiction and applicable law12. Shelf life13. Communication of data

Promptly may communicate your personal data with respect to the rules established in the GDPR provided that:

  • has obtained, unequivocally, the consent of the User for this purpose;

  • the transmission is made in the context of the fulfillment of a legal obligation, a determination by the National Data Protection Commission or a court order; or

  • the communication is intended to protect the vital interests of Users or any other legitimate purpose provided by law.

When Promptly communicates the data to third parties, the User will be informed and the identity of the recipients and the purpose of the treatment for which the data have been transferred will be transmitted to him.

14. Subcontractors15. Automated Decisions16. Cookie Policy17. Security18. DPO19. Subprocessors