Promptly Health and Datavant Announce Partnership to advance the European Health Data Accessibility

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Privacy Policy


1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Use2. Using the Platform through the "Patient" Profile

In order to use the Platform, you must register as a "Patient" and provide explicitly and in writing your consent to the collection, access, or other processing of your personal data that observe the legitimate purposes that guide the collection of data in the terms described below, in a place specifically indicated in the Platform, with a purpose of using and accessing the Platform, also having knowledge of the Privacy Policy adopted by Promptly.

Promptly and its Privacy Policy obey to the General Regulation on Data Protection, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter also GDPR), and to the other applicable legal norms on the protection of personal data.

The data that are indicated in the forms and/or questionnaires made available in the Platform are marked with an asterisk (*) and must correspond to the data strictly necessary to fulfill the objectives pursued and which preside over the collection of the data in the following terms, without which Promptly will not be able to comply with the User's registration or access request.

By virtue of the consent provided in a place specifically indicated in the Platform, Promptly assumes that all personal data provided by the User have been entered by the holder and/or legal representative authorized for that purpose, in the case, in particular, of Users under the age of eighteen years, is the same true and exact. Promptly shall not be liable for any irregularity, inaccuracy, or error in the insertion and/or collection of such data or treatment resulting therefrom, without prejudice to the provisions of applicable law. The data subject may request Promptly to correct, rectify or update the data.

By registering through the "Patient Profile" and associating the disease(s) reported to the health care unit in which it is being monitored, the User is giving his/her consent to the professionals that are responsible for ensuring the continuity of care provided or to be provided may, with the adoption by the health institution of the appropriate security measures and only for the strict purpose of providing healthcare services that the User requires, access the data that they introduce with the "Patient Profile" and for as long as that benefit subsists.

In the use of the Platform, the User may give his/her consent that his/her doctor may access, for the purposes of the provision of health care, the individual data contained in his or her electronic clinical record and may at any time revoke the access consent by that person doctor.

Access to data by other entities for scientific research purposes will always depend on autonomous, specific, informed, and written consent   and the adoption by such entities of appropriate security measures, including the anonymization of the data wherever the purposes of the investigation are likely to be achieved without the identification of the holders.

3. Use of the Platform through the "Medical" Profile4. Use of the Platform through the "Patient Manager"5. Accuracy and integrity of information6. Platform access7. Intellectual Property Rights8. Responsibility9. Change of Terms and Conditions of Use10. Validity of Terms and Conditions of Use11. Jurisdiction and applicable law12. Shelf life13. Communication of data14. Subcontractors15. Automated Decisions16. Cookie Policy17. Security18. DPO19. Subprocessors