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Privacy Policy


1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Use2. Using the Platform through the "Patient" Profile3. Use of the Platform through the "Medical" Profile

By registering as a "Physician", the User, in this condition, will expressly and in writing expressly consent to the collection, access, or other treatment of their personal data that observe the legitimate purposes of collecting the data. data as described below, in a place specifically indicated in the Platform, with a view to the use and access of the same, also having knowledge of the Privacy Policy adopted by Promptly. When registering through the "Medical" Profile and only in this condition, the User will also give his or her consent to the personal data entered by you, whether personal data or personal data of another holder, namely the patient, who has previously provided informed consent for the inclusion of their personal data on the platform and for access by other users with a "Medical" Profile in these terms, are accessed by other Users, since it is are registered with the "Medical" Profile and associated with the same Patient(s) as the User, provided that it has previously been accepted by the Patient(s).

They obey Promptly and its Privacy Policy to the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, the GDPR, and other applicable legal rules on the protection of personal data.

The data that are indicated in the forms and/or questionnaires made available in the Platform are marked with an asterisk (*) and must correspond to the data strictly necessary to fulfill the objectives pursued and which preside over the collection of the data in the following terms. without which Promptly will not be able to comply with the User's registration or access request.

The User declares and warrants that the information entered by him/herself, whether personal data, his or any other owner, or data concerning third parties, is true, accurate and correct and that can be transmitted to Promptly by the User. The User declares that the transmission of personal data of other owners that he/she performs for Promptly is based on a legitimate cause of personal data processing, pursuant to articles 6 and 9 of the GDPR, and that the processing done by him is and it shall be lawful. Therefore, Promptly assumes that all information provided by the User is legitimate, true, and accurate, and Promptly cannot be held liable for any illegality or lack of grounds for data processing and lawfulness of the same, irregularity, inaccuracy or error in insertion and/or collection of such data or treatment resulting therefrom, either to the owner of personal data or to third parties, without prejudice to the provisions of applicable law.

The termination of the health care relationship between the user and the patient terminates the processing of the data by that User, and the Physician or the institution in which the patient conducts the activity shall immediately inform Promptly of such termination.

Without prejudice to the consent of the Patient and the Physician for the collection and use of their data for the normal use of the data through the Platform, all information contained in the patients' medical records shall remain accessible only to the Patients and their Physicians Assistants. none of the Physicians is in any way exempt from complying with the duties of secrecy and confidentiality regarding the health data inserted in the Platform, which were already deontologically linked.

Without prejudice to what is now provided, the Patient may, in accordance with the law, consult the information that directly and solely concerns him and which has been registered or introduced by the Physician to which that Patient is associated. Pursuant to article 40 (4) of the Code of Ethics of the Ordinance of Physicians legally approved, "whenever you have to provide information about the clinical file, the doctor has the right to expunge his personal notes and the duty not to provide information subject to the secrecy of third parties and not to communicate circumstances which, known to the patient, would endanger his life or would be liable to cause him serious physical or mental harm to health.

4. Use of the Platform through the "Patient Manager"5. Accuracy and integrity of information6. Platform access7. Intellectual Property Rights8. Responsibility9. Change of Terms and Conditions of Use10. Validity of Terms and Conditions of Use11. Jurisdiction and applicable law12. Shelf life13. Communication of data14. Subcontractors15. Automated Decisions16. Cookie Policy17. Security18. DPO19. Subprocessors