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1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Use2. Using the Platform through the "Patient" Profile3. Use of the Platform through the "Medical" Profile4. Use of the Platform through the "Patient Manager"5. Accuracy and integrity of information6. Platform access7. Intellectual Property Rights

All copyrights and other intellectual property rights inherent to the texts, graphics, questionnaires, images, and other content made available on this Platform, regardless of how they are represented graphically in this Platform, are owned by Promptly or are used by Promptly with permission or owner or third party with the right to do so.

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The User is not authorized to reproduce, transmit, modify, copy, sell, use or distribute in any way the texts, images, logos, questionnaires, layout, or other information contained in the Platform without the prior written permission of Promptly.

The use or transmission, as well as the availability of trademarks, logos, or other content contained in this Platform, do not grant, nor can be interpreted as granting to Users any intellectual property rights that may be registered, licensed, authorized, or otherwise similar rights thereto.

Any attempts to alter, reproduce, transmit, copy, sell or otherwise misrepresent the contents of the Platform and protected by this provision, as well as any action that may cause damage to Promptly and jeopardize the integrity of the Platform, are strictly prohibited and shall be punished according to the applicable legislation in force.

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